Happy Belly Citrus Gummy Bears

Hello, my name is Krista and I am a gummy candy addict.

Even though I have been in recovery for many years, I still daydream about gummy worms, sour patch kids, gummy watermelon, gummy root beer mugs, gummy apple and peach rings…. You name it; I was a fiend for it.

Come on! You know exactly what I am talking about! They were a candy staple in my youth and probably in yours too.  In every job I had from a teenager, we had a large bag of gummy bears or gummy worms stashed somewhere. They were awesome at the movies and fabulous for long drives. And… they were “FAT FREE” so they were totally fine, right??


We know now that SUGAR is what makes us FAT! Yes, those fat-free gummies keep the scale, hmmm… what would the Jefferson’s say? Oh yeah… Move’n on up!!

Here is the thing, for more reasons than that. I had to quit.

Give them up for good.

You see, those delicious, texture satisfying, chewy little gems are far from good for you. In fact, they are down right bad for you. And for me, well, there was really no such thing as moderation when it came to gummies (not that I advocate for these even on occasion..)

So, I did it … I gave them up!

See ya later worms, bears, cabbage patch kids, and everything else they gummy-fy. It’s been real!

Then one day I learned how to make gummies myself, in my own kitchen, in less than an hour!


Even better, these gummy bears are made with grass fed gelatin. This gelatin is not only a great source of protein broken down in its simplest form, but it is extremely healing for the gut and strengthens hair and nails! WIN! WIN! WIN!!

My discovery of homemade gummies happened a few years ago. I made them a lot right at first, then on occasion. In fact, I didn’t even have a mold back them, I just used a cake pan and cookie cutters. So if you don’t have a mold, don’t worry about it! Bust out the cake pan or other baking dish and you are set!

It wasn’t until recently that I picked it up again.  You see, many of my clients have impaired gastrointestinal function.  Gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability, low/no libido, fatigue… the list goes on. And yes, all of those can have links directly to the gut.

Anyway, I will typically prescribe gelatin-rich bone broth to help support, restore, heal and seal the intestinal lining. Here’s the deal, most of the folks I work with aren’t ready to jam down to the local butcher to pick up 5 pounds of marrowbones and chicken feet to make their own bone broth. I get it, it takes a little while to used to making broth, and we usually always get there, but in the meantime.... I had to get creative!


These gummies are a great place to start! Especially if you have kiddos!

They are fun to make, healing for the gut, skin, joints and muscles and delicious to eat!

Whip up a batch and let me know what you think!


Happy Belly Citrus Gummy Bears

Suggested equipment
Gummy bear molds
Food syringe

1 Orange, juiced
1-2 Lemons, juiced (enough to make 1 cup of juice when added to the orange juice)
1-2 tsp. Raw honey (*optional)
2 heaping tablespoons gelatin (Here is the brand I use)

Strain the lemon juice and orange juice through a sieve and pour into a small saucepan. Heat the juice over medium heat until hot but NOT boiling. Stir in honey until melted and dissolved. Add gelatin one tablespoon at a time, stirring vigorously to dissolve before adding the next.

Place your molds on a baking sheet to avoid spillage. Using a dropper, or syringe, carefully pipe the juice into your gummy bear mold.

Place in the fridge from 25-30 minutes or the freezer for 10 minutes.